Meet Ashley, our Cold Stores Manager…

He’s in charge of the management of the cold stores in which we store our fruit. He’s been with Adrian Scripps Ltd for over twenty years and in that time, has seen some huge technological changes to the ways in which we store our apples!

We joined Ashley for the afternoon to see what a typical day holds in store for him…

When we met up with him, he was preparing to open a store ready for the fruit to go off and be packed.

We often store our apples in a CA store, which means ‘Controlled Atmosphere’. This means that the oxygen in the store is reduced to between 1 and 5% to keep our apples at perfectly fresh ready for you to eat! This is no easy task and takes constant monitoring by our staff, with the help of some amazing technology.

When it’s been decided that a CA store will be opened, Ashley accesses our computer system to stop the flow of nitrogen to the store and increase the oxygen levels. This means that the air will be safe for humans to breath. Once the system has been updated, he makes his way down to the cold stores and cordons off the area to make sure no one enters whilst the store is being opened. He then programmes the ‘scrubber’ which will help clean the air already in the store and turns on the fans to increase circulation around the unit. When the areas safe, all the bolts and screws are undone ready for the door to be cracked. Ashley wears a personal oxygen monitoring device which alarms when the air is not safe to breath and also carries a separate oxygen alarm which is placed in front of the door once it has been cracked open. We both wait at the end of the galley until the alarm says that the air in the cold store is safe for us to enter, it can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes for the oxygen to come back up to a safe level of around 21%.

Now the stores are safe to access by the forklift staff, the moving of the pallets can start!

We also regularly send our fruit off for testing, to ensure its at optimum health, the apples will be tested for firmness, sugar content and they also test the quality of the juice inside! Sample taking is done by Ashley, Sean or Tom. To do this they open a small hatch on the front of the CA stores, and take a bag of sample apples out using a hook. Because the air in the stores contains so little oxygen they have to wear full breathing apparatus to protect them – Safety first!

So as you can see, Ashley has a very busy job! Monitoring the stores, overseeing the movement of pallets and making all the necessary adjustments to each store to ensure our apples stay delicious!

Fruit is constantly being moved around our site and coming in from our different farms, next month we’ll follow the journey of some more of our apples which are being sent off to be pre-sized in our Packhouse!




This is the definitive English cooking apple which is green with a white flesh and which cooks down to a tart puree. It is great for pies and toppings as well as baked apple. It is available all the year round.

Gala Apples


The most popular apple in the UK. A super dessert apple which not only looks good but is very tasty and available from October to April in all multiples and green grocers.

Red Prince Apples

Adrian Scripps Red Prince Apple

This is a superb looking bright red apple which is both sweet and juicy and stores well.

Braeburn Apples

Braeburn Apple

A great bi-coloured variety that combines sweetness and acidity giving a very rich tangy taste. A family favourite.

Kanzi Apples

Kanzi Apples

A Gala – Braeburn cross which has an extremely attractive bright pink blush. It is slightly acidic but with great sugar balance. Find out more here

Conference Pears

Conference Pears

This is by far the most widely cultivated pear in North west Europe due to its good flavour characteristics due to its higher sugars and its excellent storage properties. It can be eaten at any stage of ripening from crisp to very ripe depending upon ones taste.


Adrian Scripps ltd Black currant bush, close up the berriesHere at Adrian Scripps Ltd we have been growing blackcurrants continuously for the high vitamin C Ribena drink since the 1960’s.

We grow a succession of varieties on 80 ha on four of our farms to enable a timely harvest, so ensuring the best quality berries are used for making  the juice.

We grow Ben Gairn, Avon, Dorain, Hope and Tirran.




In addition to the fruit crops, we also grow approx. 300ha of arable  crops in the Medway valley and East Kent.

Crops grown include winter wheat, spring beans and oil seed rape in rotation. All crops are grown to the Assured Produce protocol. All crops in west Kent are stored in our grainstore facilities.

In addition, we are members of the Entry Level Scheme with wild bird mixes, pollen and nectar areas, buffer strips, low input grasslands and over wintered stubbles.

We also manage over 25 ha of woodland.



A traditional apple variety with an attractive crimson-red, almost purple skin, and white flesh. Sweet and crisp Flavour



This very distinctive apple has a great taste to match. It’s crunchy with a floral aroma and sweet, tangy flavour with the added benefit of not browning after cutting making it not only great for eating but also ideal for salads or lunchboxes.


Great wine starts with great fruit and we are proud to grow grapes that are  part of the English sparkling wine revolution


Tesco Eat Happy

We believe it is important to promote the healthy natural alternative to sweets that Apples can provide and this starts with education at a young age. That is why we support the Tesco Eat Happy Project by offering school visits or talks. If your school is interested in visiting why not click on the ‘Tesco Eat Happy Logo’ to learn more

 It’s not just about the great benefits of apples either. We are championing the great potential for a career in the fruit industry. That’s why we were delighted to be recognised with the Work Experience: Outstanding Employer Contribution award by EBP Kent. If you are interested in work experience why not Contact Us for more information 

Alternatively everyone is invited to come and see what we do at Open Farm Sunday. Held annually in June, we, like 1000s of other farmers across the country open our gates to the public. Keep checking the website for details of the next event

 We are also proud to sponsor Capel Cricket Club  



Harvesting at the right time and only picking the best quality is key to maintain the freshness, flavour and eating quality of our fruit.

This is backed up by the use the latest computerised storage technology. Adrian Scripps Ltd. has one of the largest and most modern controlled atmosphere storage complexes in the UK. We operate a total of 77 chambers capable of holding 15,000 tonnes (45,000 bins) of fruit in Ultra Low Oxygen conditions. The stores are designed to cool the fruit and establish U.L.O. conditions post harvest in the shortest possible time.

Within each individual chamber Ethylene removal as well as controlled atmosphere technology is used to balance the natural gases of respiration. This means the fruit can be maintained in excellent condition until the desired marketing period.

The latest computerised equipment continually monitors the storage conditions. With regular sampling of the fruit by our technical team we are able to ensure it is in its optimum condition when supplied to our customers.



Adrian Scripps Ltd has just invested in brand new state of the art MAF- Roda pre-grader, utilising the most modern technology and recent advances in computerised colour, size and blemish sorting. Adrian Scripps Ltd have also invested in new packing lines and are able to grade and pack several varieties and product lines daily. Typically 15 tonnes of fruit an hour can be graded and packed into a range customer packs and standards.Pre-packing facilities allow the packing of poly bags, over-wrap packs and flo-wraps to match our customers’ individual requirements.

An experienced and motivated team ensures that all packed product meets customer standards and reaches the consumer in perfect condition. Through our traceability system the origin of fruit can be traced from the supermarket shelf back to the orchard where it was grown.


Very Juicy with Strong Crunch, vibrant colours and giving a fantastic rush of sweet tart and pear drop tastes.