Here at Adrian Scripps Ltd we see it as our duty to do what we can for the environment.

  •     After all, Bees and many other pollinating insects are our allies in producing great fruit so we want to encourage them as best as we can. As part of Operation Pollinator we are creating natural habitats for pollinators to supplement the bee hives we bring on to our farms.

  •     We aren’t content to just follow stewardship scheme, in fact we have decided to plant our own Wild Bird Mixes and Pollen and Nectar Mixes to encourage farmland wildlife by providing a crucial feed supply over the winter months. These were established following a Farming Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) report that we commissioned to establish the state of wildlife on our farms.

  •     Our work encouraging farmland birds has culminated in a project with the RSPB to promote the revival of the threatened turtle dove, which has had great success on our farms.

  •     But it’s not just encouraging wildlife that we take seriously. We understand the need to reduce our environmental impact and therefore we have taken such measures as installing roof mounted solar panels and developing new strategies to reduce waste that is sent to landfill through cardboard and plastic baling.