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Pink Lady apples - Adrian Scripps

Pink Lady® Apples

With their enticing rosy blush, crisp juicy texture and bursting with flavour Pink Lady apples are perfect as a snack.

Their natural sweetness and colour retention also makes them ideal for baking.

Pink Lady apple pie - Adrian Scripps
Grapes and wine


Great wine starts with great fruit and we are proud to grow grapes that are part of the English sparkling wine revolution.

Pinot Noir Grape

The name having derived from the French words meaning pine and black.

Pine alludes to the clustered pine cone shaped bunches of fruit. The thin skins result in a lighter bodied wine, delicately aromatic which makes a brilliant match with pheasant, partridge, game and roast lamb!

Pinot Noir grapes
Chardonnay Grapes

Chardonnay Grape

This grape originated in Burgundy and since its flavours are not as distinctive as other varieties such as riesling or sauvignon blanc, chardonnay has a relatively neutral aspect that allows winemakers to flex their technique and leave their own imprint on the wine.

Chardonnay is an extremely popular wine and is well matched with oysters, pan fried fish and delicately flavoured chicken dishes.

Jazz™ Apples

Crisp and juicy, they are deliciously refreshing eaten as a snack and equally delicious cooked in pies and tarts.

Jazz apples
Gala apple

Gala Apples

The most popular apple in the UK. A super dessert apple which not only looks good but is very tasty.

Available from October to April in all multiples and green grocers.

Bramley Apples

This is the definitive English cooking apple – green with a white flesh and cooks down to a tart puree.

It is great for pies and toppings as well as baked apple and is available all the year round.

Red Prince® Apples

This is a superb looking bright red apple which is both sweet and juicy and stores well.

Braeburn Apples

A great bi-coloured variety that combines sweetness and acidity giving a very rich tangy taste.

A family favourite.



We have been growing blackcurrants continuously for the high vitamin C Ribena drink since the 1960s, ensuring the best quality berries are used for making  the juice.